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Molchanovs 8-11 year


Course detail


Children begin by learning some freediving theory and get comfortable at the surface with swimming techniques and STA/DYN/DYNB techniques. Later they learn equalization, breaststroke, and practice STA/DYN/DYNB. Advanced students will learn about sea mammals and human anatomy, how to turn in the pool, and DNF technique.

Junior 8 - 11 y/o Lap courses include:

  • Discover Lap Freediving Experience

  • Lap 1

  • Lap 2

  • Lap 3



Children begin by learning about freediving physics, along with swimming at the surface, duck diving, and FIM/CWTB techniques. Later, they discover equalization methods and how the human body works underwater, work further on FIM/CWTB, and learn CWT technique. Advanced students learn about sea mammals and more freediving theory, learn blackout rescue, and continue to slowly increase depth and work on FIM/CWT/CWTB techniques.

Junior 8 - 11 y/o Wave courses include:

  • Discover Wave Freediving Experience

  • Wave 1

  • Wave 2

  • Wave 3

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